Ophelialestat Ophelias Christmas Morning Ophelialestat Ophelias Christmas Morning
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Ophelialestat Ophelias Christmas Morning


Ophelia is so exited for Christmas! She got all dressed up in her pretty Christmas outfit before going to wake her daddy to give him her present–Herself! She tells him that he can do anything he likes with her, before asking Daddy for her gift from him, he promised her it was a special gift for her being such a big girl. Its A dildo! She is so exited and starts sucking it straight away, getting her saliva and lipstick all over it. She takes her skirt off so she doesn’t get it dirty (mommy would be super mad!), and unclips her play-suit so she can rub her wet pussy, getting it ready for the big cock she is so eager to take. She works the head in, gasping in pleasure and pain, riding until she is able to sink it deep in her pussy and reach the base. Shefucks herself hard until she squirts everywhere! Quick! She better put her skirt on again and put her sheets in the wash before her mommy finds them :3 hehe
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